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Kaohsiung Shipping First choice SINGHE EXPRESS LIMITED
Singhe Express Limited Co. Ltd was established in 2013. We thrive to provide best services to our diverse customers across the globe.
Contribute to the realization of a richer corporate body by providing high-quality transportation and logistics services
• Ensuring the contribution of safe transportation to the corporate body
• Compliance with laws and regulations is a priority
• Provide high-quality transportation services
• Enthusiastically solve customer problems
Although it is no longer difficult to enter the international market, intricate factors such as local languages, obtaining permits, and the current state of infrastructure are still hindering the pace of enterprises.

SINGHE is the best partner for corporate customers. In order to achieve the most ideal supply chain management goals, SINGHE provides services including following production plans and sales plans for component allocation, export packaging, import and export business, international freight, inventory management, and regional delivery. Full-service services for other projects.

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Service items
Land transportation
Excellent transportation equipment provides land transportation and bonded goods transportation
Air logistics
Air freight service is far-reaching, and has established long-term cooperation with major domestic and foreign airlines.
Sea logistics
Provide you with the overall service of sea export logistics all over the world
Export goods packaging
To avoid damage to the goods during transportation, high-quality packaging is a necessary requirement