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About us

SINGHE United Transportation Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in March 2013. Since its establishment, it has been pursuing the spirit of service to provide customers with diversified services.

We provide sea and air freight contracting/free trade zone /warehouse/trans shipment/heavy machine loading and unloading services, and we can tailor a suitable service plan for each customer and provide professional advice to meet the customer's logistics needs.
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Global door-to-door service: SINGHE has a network and third-party vendors to provide continuous operations at all stages, so that your goods can reach customers safely. The door-to-door delivery service combines the close cooperation of trucks, customs brokers, air freight contractors, airlines and warehousing and distribution companies to deliver goods safely and instantly to their destinations. The process quotation is fast, the price is very competitive, and the strict and perfect transportation process control can avoid the occurrence of additional costs for customers.