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Sea Import And Export
Import And Export By Air
Cargo Insurance Service
Logistics And Warehousing
Land Transport Service
Customs Declaration Service

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Sea import and export

Shipping: import and export goods contract delivery

1. Shipping consolidation (LCL) single point opening service
2. FCL service
3. Bulk cargo delivery
4. Special cabinet delivery
5. Door-to-door Service
6. Sea and land combined transportation
7. Sea-air-land combined transport service

Business agent

1. Triangle trade/re-export trade
2. Cargo Insurance
3. Professional customs declaration
Cross-strait trade is led by Taiwan and the carrier service to and from the mainland
Delivery of personal belongings/property/personal luggage

Import And Export By Air

There are more than 200 points of air freight agency network around the world, such as: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Incheon, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne... and other airports.
Airport-to-airport services: including transportation, cabin entry, customs clearance and other services.
Packaging Service: We will provide you with enhanced cargo packaging services that meet the requirements of the airline.
Flexibility: In today's rapidly changing business environment, SINGHE provides you with flexible services for different needs.
Comprehensive IT system support: the docking of document information flow, and at the same time allows you to keep track of flight information and cargo dynamics at any time.

Cargo Insurance Service

Dangerous goods and special goods handling
• Provide you with professional advice and assistance regarding the haulage of dangerous goods and the handling of special goods.
• Has extensive experience in large-scale cargo and whole plant export. Provide consultation and freight inquiries.

Logistics and warehousing

Including warehouse management, warehouse management, warehouse management, loading and unloading management, report feedback, etc., and the use of advanced warehousing and distribution management system to effectively manage the information and logistics activities of incoming and outgoing goods; customers can check the inventory of their goods in time through the Internet. Distribution: Provide fast, timely and effective distribution, information services, value-added services (sorting, processing, packaging, labeling) and other comprehensive logistics services.

Land Transport Service

Cooperate with the arrival and departure of the industry
the bulk transportation of bulk goods
the entire container transportation of CY import and export
and the transportation of large, ultra-long, ultra-wide, and ultra-high heavy machinery.

Customs Clear Service

1. Business Finance Agency
2. Bank transaction processing
3. Insurance agent
4. Agent booking
5. Trade Fair
6. Re-export certificate of origin, FORM A, endorsement of certificate of origin, agent license/permit
7. Hong Kong transit and import and export declarations